Sophidavich makes original hand cut collages with a three dimensional twist.

She works exclusively with photographs found in used books and magazines. Only armed with scissors, paper, glue and architect foam, she searches for just the right composition to tell a story.

Sophidavich is the pseudonym of Sophie Louter. Born into a very creative family in 1980 in Heiloo, the Netherlands. Her mother is a painter, her father a computer wizard, her sister is an Illustrator and her brother a photographer.

Early on she collected a variety of beautiful and interesting pictures and photos from magazines and used them in her collages. During high school her brother taught her how to use a camera, this prompted her to create her own images alongside her collection of found footage.

After graduating high school she worked as a framer for a few years before she attended the Amsterdam University of the arts.

In 2009 she earned her Bachelor of Education in Fine Art, majoring in photography and digital arts.

After her graduation she found a box in the attic, the long forgotten collection of her once treasured beautiful pictures. Soon she was searching and collecting new images and making fresh work.

Sophidavich lives in Heiloo with her husband and daughter, and teaches art at a high school.